Cloyne Round Tower

Feasibility Study for Visitor Experience in Cloyne Round Tower and Cathedral, east Cork.

James Bourke Architects were engaged as project lead of a design team investigating the feasibility of opening up Cloyne Roundtower as a tourist attraction. There were two strands to the project- demonstrating the feasibility in terms of costs and visitor numbers, and demonstrating the feasibility in the context of the physical environment. The feasibility study demonstrated the viability of the project through comparator studies and analysis and investigated design solutions for improving the accessibility in and around the tower. It included site analysis, a marketing review, traffic management approaches, design solutions, and an order of magnitude cost appraisal for the project.

Funding is a key factor in the viability of any project, and the successful progression of this project will be dependent on grant assistance. It is hoped that the feasibility study will pave the way to progress this project in the coming years.

You can read more about the Round Tower and access the Feasibility Study on the Cloyne website- just follow the link below:


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